We are focused on delivering high quality processes..
Through efficient, effective and proven practices with consistent and continuous results.
We work with our customers to achieve their goals.
Through our partner based approach & delivering respective commitments.
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Why Vibatel

We are a focused team within our process perspectives, which makes us more knowledgeable and efficient in the respective domains. At Vibatel, we ensure consistent and qualitative deliverables for our clients. We do this through frequent interactions with our clients, understanding their needs and requirements, and creating cost-effective strategies tailored for each unique situation. We manage this by understanding our clients, their business goals & objectives and their needs and requirements and acknowledging that each client and situation are unique and require careful evaluation and assessment.

We strictly adhere to all SLAs, compliance requirements, SOPs, deliverables, quantitative and qualitative based targets and achieve them on time. We restructure ourselves and our processes and strategies as needed to make sure that we deliver quality work to you on time.

We provide some exclusive services for clients.

Business Process Operations (BPO) Services for Business Continuity and Resiliency

At Vibatel, see how our business process outsourcing experts can create business continuity for better intelligent workflows to transform your organization.



Rest Assured: we will handle your assigned, outsourced operations, while you focus on growing your business.

Our Success

VIBATEL has successfully set up and managing inbound / outbound call centres for our esteemed clients. Our capabilites include trained staff who are currently w...


We are a focused team within our process perspectives, which makes us more knowledgeable and efficient in the respective domains. At Vibatel, we ensure consistent and qualitative deliverables to our clients.

About Us

In the past 15 years, we have grown from a tiny start-up of 5 people to a multi-city endeavour with a staff of over 300+ smart, ambitious and eager employees. ..

Our Core Values

We had formulated our work environment entirely on our core values which are mentioned below: Communication Excellence Fun Innovation Integrity Tr...

Leadership Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced individuals that are totally devoted to offering a high quality and innovative Client centered service that may add value to your business operations

Kavitha P


V B Sandeep

Sr. Process Manager

Mohd. Omar Sharief

Sr.Manager Operations & HR/Administrative Services


We have many good client’s review.

J P Sharma Director Sharma Infotech

Very hardworking team. Quality with perseverance. I definitely refer Vibatel to my network of people. All the best to the team.

Vinay Deep Singh MD Suvecha Enterprises

Good Service delivered on time. All the best to Vibatel team.


    What is a BPO?

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a cost-effective way to outsource day-to-day tasks like customer service, technical support, and back-office operations to a third-party firm. BPOs are classified based on the location of the vendor, which can be offshore (in another country), nearshore (in a neighboring country), or onshore (in the same country). BPO operations can also be classified as either domestic or international, depending on the clients and the types of services provided. Offshore outsourcing is exemplified by a U.S firm operating a call center in India. Nearshore outsourcing involves companies and vendors located in neighboring countries, while onshore outsourcing refers to both companies being in the same country, regardless of region or state. BPO operations can also be categorized as Domestic or International, depending on the client's Business and Operational Support Services.

    Advantages of a BPO?

    Partnering with a BPO offers a cost-effective way to run essential operations, without investing in office space, equipment, or benefits for in-house employees. By outsourcing time-consuming tasks like customer service and administrative work, valuable time is saved, allowing organizations to focus on strategic growth. Despite the misconception that outsourcing leads to a drop in efficiency, this has actually been proven false. When you pick a reputable third-party vendor like Vibatel, you are assured higher quality results than in-house support.

    How a BPO can help an Organization?

    Partnering with a BPO can save organizations money and time by outsourcing essential functions like customer service and administrative work to a trained and ready staff. This is particularly helpful for start-ups with tight budgets or limited experience in hiring and training staff for key office functions. BPOs are particularly useful if the businesses run on a seasonal model. Instead of spending the time to hire and train new staff for a short time, partnering with a BPO gives a well-trained staff at a lower cost.

    Types of BPO services

    A BPO offers various services based on its organizational structure, including customer service and experience management. By providing customers with multiple contact options, such as call centers, emails, chat, or social media, a BPO can help improve their overall experience with the organization. Outsourcing technical support services, sales and marketing tasks, and administrative and back-office tasks to third-party vendors can help organizations build their brand, focus on strategic growth, and free up valuable time for important tasks. Technical support services can help customers with more technical concerns, while outsourcing sales and marketing tasks like lead generation, customer relationship management, and research can benefit a company's growth. Additionally, administrative and back-office tasks such as data entry, accounting, social media management, and graphic design can all be outsourced.

    Do you have a business process that needs rethinking?