Over the past 15 years, Vibatel has provided successful Customer Acquisition, Management and Services within the Telecom sector. We are providing a range of solutions to our business partners and revolutionising the Telecom service industry and connecting people globally.

Our Services, especially in mobility, broadband, and the cloud are enabling the communications industry and other sectors to 

  • Do better business,
  • Increase efficiency, 
  • Improve their Customer experience and 
  • Explore new opportunities within up-sales and cross-sales. 

We work ‘smart’ to maintain the connections organisations have built, because we understand that a connected world is the key to a better world. With the world changing so rapidly, it is crucial to make sure that businesses globally remain connected and informed.

Our team of talented and dedicated IT & Non-IT professionals, Business Analysts and Associates, bring years of industry experience to the table and their insights make finding the perfect solutions for your business needs effective and efficient. Our experienced team has been able to tackle telecom challenges.  

Vibatel is proud to provide innovative and cost-effective BPO solutions within the areas of: 

  • Customer Lifecycle Management, 
  • Campaign Management, 
  • Provisioning of Data/Voice Services and 
  • Different flavours of Outbound/Inbound/Blended voice services

Vibatel’s modular and scalable architecture platform allows us to design and deploy customised solutions across multiple channels, quickly and efficiently regardless of the size of your business. 

Our true strength that sets us apart from our competitors is our genuine interest and passion for the world of communications within sales & service domains. This has allowed us to develop an in-depth practical knowledge of the field enabling us to truly identify the root of your businesses and come up with the perfect solutions. 

Do you have a business process that needs rethinking?